Everyone needs a good origin story

It began with a simple complaint that almost every teacher in the nation has uttered at one point or time, “I hate feeling like I’m teaching to the test.” Before long, this became a massive brainstorming session that eventually became the birth of a new company.


We are experienced classroom teachers who know and understand the burdens, joys, and reality of what it takes to motivate and educate young scholars in today’s day and age.


Our products started life as tools developed and implemented in our very own classrooms. We are passionate about teaching and inspiring young people, and we want to offer fellow teachers the tools and support they need in this age of high standards, large class sizes, and less time. We are in the trenches as well, so we are constantly looking for ways to work more effectively and efficiently.

Why Pomegranates?

“Why pomegranates?” is the first question from just about everyone. “What does it have to do with education?” is the second question that follows. To this question, we ask, “What do apples have to do with computers?”


In truth though, the name holds a great deal of significance for us. Besides being a strange and awesome fruit that’s loaded with nutrients and antioxidants, pomegranates also carry symbolism that we identify with as an organization.


In Greek mythology, the pomegranate is the symbol for change. In fact, the ancient Greeks believed that seasons changed because Persephone finished eating her pomegranate. Our vision is to forever change the world of education and bring about a new season of empowerment and opportunity for young people.

We believe...

About School

We believe in teaching students how to learn. We believe that this, above all else, is the core purpose of school. The vehicle can be lectures, projects, or even standardized tests, but the goal is to equip students with the tools to navigate their own learning and the spark to engage with it for a lifetime. We must never confuse the method with the purpose.

About Teachers

We believe that the teacher’s role is the most important ingredient in the education system. Great teaching must be more human, not less. Automation and data should be the teacher’s tools, not their replacements.

About Students

We believe in empowering and enfranchising students because their role in the learning process is an active one. Students are intelligent, thinking, feeling beings, not just passive recipients of what the system feeds them.

We believe in helping all students, but we especially believe in helping students who have fewer advantages. We believe in the kids who spend more time in the principals office than in their classroom. We believe in the families who cannot afford tutors or camps because they love their kids just as much. We believe in the bullies. We believe in the lost causes and those who are written off. Because the world becomes better not through the top down, but from the bottom up.

About Adaptation

We believe in adaptation over adoption. We have the utmost respect for teachers and the profession they have dedicated their lives to, and we value their craft as professionals deserve. For this reason, we do not push to revolutionize teachers, but rather, to listen and help them adapt what they are already doing to further the mission of equipping students to learn.

About Hospitality

We believe in hospitality and going the extra mile to make teachers feel valued and appreciated as people. We create a safe space where teachers can have difficult but meaningful conversations that are fueled by the hope and passion that drew them to teaching in the first place.

Meet the Team


Connor Koblinski

Product Manager


Deborah Walker



Larry Liu



John Palgut

Lead Developer