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Pomegranate Lab was built on the belief that everyone is capable of learning and growing. Founded and run by teachers, we champion the needs and goals of fellow teachers and care about their students as if they were our own. We aim to fundamentally shift the conversation in education from one based on performance to one based on improvement.


Mindsets Matter

Fixed Mindset

Students with a fixed mindset see themselves as static and unchanging. These students fear failure, look down on effort, and never reach their full potential.

Smart People

are born smart and dumb people are born dumb.


is a waste and only proves a lack of natural talent.


“I wasn’t as smart as I thought I was.”

Growth Mindset

Students with a growth mindset see themselves as capable of change. These students learn from failure, value effort, and maximize their potential.

Smart People

weren’t born that way but became smart by working.


is the only way get better at anything.


“I’ll learn from this and do better next time.”

Want to get started?

For learning communities that want to learn more about the growth mindset, we offer professional development sessions that focus on solid foundational knowledge and practical application. For more information, click here and we will contact you shortly.

Part 1: Understand the Growth Mindset

Based on the latest research and practice, we’ll give direct instruction on what the growth mindset is and isn’t so everyone is on the same page moving forward. During this session we’ll explore the broad strokes as well as the nuances and common points of confusion.

Part 2: Apply to Lesson Plans

With the theory and understanding under their belts, we’ll guide teachers through the process of creating and applying growth mindset strategies that fit with their own classrooms and students.

Looking for something more advanced? Check out our coaching program.

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