Helping Create Growth Mindset Communities


The results are in!


Long-term change in the classroom with 77% still using our techniques and language and 23% continue to use just the language.


Independently helped a peer change their classroom or teaching based on what they learned with us.


Applying what they learned from us in other classes and contexts.


Confident in independently creating their own growth mindset focused lesson.

Data collected from: Harlem Children’s Zone (Promise Academy II), The NET Charter High School, Algiers Technology Academy, and Traverse City High School

We asked, “How has Pomegranate Lab changed your teaching?”

Jena WilsonJena Wilson4th Grade, Harlem
It helps take the pressure off of my students and me. I’ve started to change what I’m looking for. I look for growth and not just an immediate outcome.
Kimberly SmithKimberly Smith4th & 5th Grade Math, St. Martin's Lower School
I've seen much less anxiety about the unknown. My students are comfortable with being a little lost because they know they'll persevere and figure it out. I believe it's because they truly believe that to grow means to struggle.
Neil PoytnerNeil PoytnerCollaborating Administrator @ The NET Charter School
I think our work together this summer informed my approach to teacher coaching and my thoughts about classrooms across the school.
Lauren FoltzLauren Foltz3rd Grade @ Harlem
No matter where kids are academically or behaviorally, the conversation is about ‘how can we get better?’
Katie DeutschKatie DeutschGeometry Teacher @ Algiers Tech Academy
With Pomegranate Lab, my coach is not trying to change my classroom or make it look like someone else's he's seen; he's just trying to make me be a better version of myself.

What We’re All About


Pomegranate Lab was built on the belief that everyone is capable of learning and growing. Founded and run by teachers, we champion the needs and goals of fellow teachers and care about their students as if they were our own. We aim to fundamentally shift the conversation in education from one based on performance to one based on improvement.


Mindsets Matter

Fixed Mindset

Students with a fixed mindset see themselves as static and unchanging. These students fear failure, look down on effort, and never reach their full potential.

Smart People

are born smart and dumb people are born dumb.


is a waste and only proves a lack of natural talent.


“I wasn’t as smart as I thought I was.”

Growth Mindset

Students with a growth mindset see themselves as capable of change. These students learn from failure, value effort, and maximize their potential.

Smart People

weren’t born that way but became smart by working.


is the only way get better at anything.


“I’ll learn from this and do better next time.”

Want to get started?

Initiate grass-roots culture change towards the Growth Mindset


Interested in helping your staff develop a growth mindset but don’t know how to begin? Get the ball rolling today with the Seeds Program and let us manage the change you’re looking for.

Step 1

We coach 2 or 3 early-adopter teachers and co-create solutions.

Step 2

We track the impact of the growth mindset strategies.

Step 3

We help teachers share their experience with the rest of the staff.

People who believe in us

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